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Israel’s malign global influence campaigns

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For three years after Donald Trump narrowly won 2016’s elections, much of America’s establishment corporate press was obsessed with the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory.

This was a relentless deluge of excrement flung in the faces of the viewing public by (supposedly) liberal cable news channels. The entire charade came crashing down last month with the publication of the Mueller report in full (minus some redactions).

Although there’s no doubt in my mind that Trump himself – as well as the cast of shady characters he surrounds himself with – is extraordinarily corrupt, the relentless, baseless repetition of the claim that Trump “colluded with Russia” in order to supposedly “hack” the 2016 elections was substantively disproven.

The way liberal elites relentlessly harped on about this always-tenuous narrative was worse than useless – it actively distracted from the president’s actual policies, and the many real problems with Donald Trump and his administration.

Their racism and Islamophobia, their misogyny, their actively anti-Palestinian aggression and their general war-mongering. The irony being that on many of these substantive issues, US liberal elites often agreed with Trump’s actual policies – especially when he launches wars.

Hillary Clinton herself bares much of the blame for the “Russiagate” hysteria which gripped the US media for years. After all, it was in her interests all along.

According to Max Blumenthal’s brilliant new bookThe Management of Savagery”, she was eager to excuse her “historically inept candidacy” — which lost to an obnoxious racist reality TV........

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