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Is greed the final frontier?

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The Special Forces in the US military, as I'm sure in other armed forces, is special for a reason. For one, much like reliably experienced star-performers in a corporate firm or in sport, or any other field, they are allowed to almost operate solo, with fewer rules governing their every move, and far greater freedoms to chart their own path, in ways that could potentially cause envy among the vast mass of colleagues in general.

But, they get away with it, simply because the privileges are a function of what they bring to the table, which nobody else can. What exactly do they do to deserve this? Well, the state is the employer. It holds a monopoly over violence (within constructs of law) among its own citizens.

The same state extending that power over a region outside its borders is considered an act of aggression, even full-blown war. Surely the latter is an expensive proposition, not just economically, but more so on human terms. Given that war, as the cliché goes, is all about old men talking, and young men dying.

Since we tend to forget, about 1.5 million people-a million from Iran, and 250,000-500,000 from Iraq-died in that six-year war between two hostile, non-nuclear neighbours in the '80s alone-just a quick note of caution for India's Internet/TV soldiers!

What if you armed, seriously trained few special men to accomplish covert missions, aimed at extremely specific........

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