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Ditch Your Dying Career for a Dirty Job Instead

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I recently wrote an article about Dying Careers, and many of you were outraged, saying that the careers I mentioned were not going to disappear. My goal was to explain that in order to be part of the new world of work, you have to be part of the new world of work. The advent of the smart computer is here to stay and will supplant many of your careers.

Hiding your head in the sand will not help you to hold onto your job. Wake up. Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are spending billions on AI products and services. MIT alone is spending $1 billion on a new college devoted solely to computing, with an AI focus, not-to-mention the billions that the U.S. government is pouring into AI research and development.

Naysayers of the future of AI – I defy you to tell me a major modern industry that has not been affected by AI. That was my point. If you don’t adapt to this new world and the skills that it demands, you will be left behind.

You can hang on to your vinyl records, video cassettes, princess phone and typewriter, but if you ignore developments in technology with your own career, you may end up as out-of-work as the sales clerk at Blockbuster who was waiting for Netflix to fail.

The jobs that will disappear seem to share characteristics: They manufacture products or supply services that involve repetitive skills, are simple to automate, and are prone to fluctuate with demand (like creating books on demand, or other products where retailers don’t want to carry inventory).

Like it or not, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay and is taking quantum (no pun intended) leaps every day. AI is basically intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence demonstrated by humans. Applications include web search (Google); recommendation systems (YouTube, Amazon and Netflix); understanding human speech (Siri and Alexa); self-driving cars (Tesla and Pony.ai); and even competing at strategic games (chess or racing-car games). AI machines can even learn from each other, and they can see and detect things much better than a human can.

Let’s look at some careers that may be in jeopardy. Let’s look a little further into what AI can and can’t do and how you can prepare for the inevitable:

AI can search data and input past and........

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