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There’s no national emergency, just a deliberate Constitutional crisis

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No national emergency but a deliberate Constitutional crisis

Rapists and murderers, drug mules, and human traffickers, are invading the United States across the southern border and posing a grave threat to the American way.

So says President Donald Trump. It’s a “national emergency,” he claims.

Actually it’s not — at least not in any common sense understanding of the words.

There is no invasion, no grave threat to national security. There’s nothing new, nor urgent, nor threatening. Clandestine crossings of the porous southern border were the lowest in two decades during Trump’s first year in office, down to about 400,000 from more than 1.6 million in 2000. In any case, nearly two-thirds of the estimated 12 million people unlawfully in the United States were issued visas after careful background checks, but have overstayed their permitted time to remain. Even the thousands seeking asylum on the southern border mostly line up patiently awaiting their turn to file claims at crowded border posts.

Many of those wading across Rio Grande or trekking through the southwestern deserts are defenceless women with children who have travelled in ‘caravans’ seeking safety in numbers on their long, dangerous journey.

As for Trump’s assertion that migrants are mostly criminals who murder and rape, the statistical record tells a very different story. The “undocumented” — as those unlawfully in the United States are now referred to by the liberal left — commit far fewer crimes than average Americans. The reason is simple. Even a minor offense, such as a speeding ticket or possession of small amounts of marijuana,........

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