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Do we need another series about Ted Bundy? The answer is yes

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One day in the summer of 1979, Circuit Court Judge Edward Cowart sentenced a grey-suit-clad Ted Bundy to death for his “extremely wicked, shockingly evil, vile” crimes. After informing Bundy that he would be “put to death by a current of electricity, sufficient to cause your immediate death”, Cowart looked up from his notes and saw fit to tell the serial murderer: “You're a bright young man. You'd have made a good lawyer and I would have loved to have you practice in front of me, but you went another way, partner. I don't feel any animosity toward you. I want you to know that. Take care of yourself.”

Cowart’s infamous remarks make for a striking embodiment of Bundy’s entire Florida trial. All eyes were on the man who would ultimately confess to killing at least 30 women across seven states (the actual death toll could be higher). The youngest known victim was a 12-year-old girl. But Cowart couldn't bring himself to hate Bundy; instead, he mourned his loss of potential.

Throughout the proceedings, Bundy seemed to revel in the theatricality of the court system. Despite being appointed attorneys, he insisted on defending himself. He proposed to his girlfriend, Carole Ann Boone, during a court session, and took advantage of a Florida law to declare both of them legally married, since the “vows” had been exchanged in front of court officers in an open courtroom (as outlined by the true-crime writer Ann Rule in the definitive Bundy book The Stranger Beside Me).

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Serial killers such as Bundy are black holes. They swallow all the energy around them. Their crimes are so violent, so unimaginable, so beyond the normal boundaries of human........

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