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Sorry vegans, you can't spend your way to paradise

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Outsiders still think that veganism is radical, but it’s only when you are inside the community that you see how consumerist many vegans have become. As chain after chain – and even major brands such as them musician Taylor Swift – try to cash in on veganism’s growth, plant-chompers now seem to believe that we can simply spend our way to animal liberation. They say all we have to do is descend on supermarkets and restaurant chains, stuff our trolleys and tummies with vegan products and – tada! – the human race will suddenly decide to stop exploiting animals.

But that is the stuff of fairy tales: you don’t end exploitation by handing your money to the exploiters. All you do is bankroll further exploitation.

Take Burger King’s plant-based "Impossible Whopper" burger. Many vegans dream that this sort of product will encourage meat eaters to stop eating meat. A nice fantasy but the objective facts tell the true story.........

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