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So Tell Me, Why Can't A Sex Worker Be A Lawyer?

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The public's never-ending fascination with sex workers says a lot about society's unease with sex and sexuality. People seem uncomfortable with the idea of a woman choosing to commodify her own sexuality — something traditionally meant to benefit the men around her — and profit off the male demand for casual sex without shame.

They'll define us by our helplessness or our supposed lack of morals and symbols of our apparent decadence — like our choice of designer heels, for instance. They want to put us in our place to make us more easily digestible. But the Madonna-whore complex is so passé.

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I suppose that's why the narrative of an escort looking to get called to the bar and practice in one of the most conservative professions out there (law) is a subject of curiosity to these people — and to the two major newspapers who publicly outed me as a sex worker late last year.

That the legal world is uncomfortable with sex is nothing new. The profession enjoys giving lip service to high principles like decorum and gentleman's codes, but it has always fumbled when it comes to handling the messy reality that lawyers are just like everyone else: they have sex.

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I remember how the legal community responded to former Manitoba Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas when her nudes were leaked. If this is how the old elites in the legal community and the media treat someone who's essentially a victim (of an act which is now a criminal offence), what are they going to think about someone who has willingly posted her own nudes? Someone like me, who is uncompromising when it comes to my right to own — and even profit — from my own sexual narrative?

The social milieu may be a little bit different now than it was in 2012, but the law profession remains full of........

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