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I Teach Covid Patients To Smell Again. Here’s What I’ve Seen

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Approaching the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic, I’m struck by the irony of how the pandemic has brought to the forefront such an underappreciated, yet vitally important, sense: our sense of smell.

To date, over 110million people have been infected with coronavirus. Around 60% are estimated to have experienced smell and taste disturbance – with 10% having persistent symptoms. This means that about seven million people – and rising – are presumed to have this symptom.

In turn, that means an increasing number of people are turning to ‘smell training’ to regain their lost or altered sense of smell. The training doesn’t have any harmful effects, doesn’t require a prescription, and can be done inexpensively at home. And while there’s no guarantee that smell training will restore your sense of smell, many people have seen positive results.

The practice itself involves consistently smelling four distinct odours – clove, rose, lemon and eucalyptus – twice daily with the aim that, over time, the sense of smell is restored. There’s no evidence that you have to use these particular smells – some choose four scents that they have a connection to and are familiar with, from a time when they could smell normally. The idea is that the repeated short-term exposure to familiar smells might help make new neural connections in the brain.

My goal as a smell coach is to provide guidance on doing........

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