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I Would Rather Die Than Have A Pig Heart Transplant

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How much more can humans take from the other animals? We already take their milk and their eggs. We grab at their fur and their feathers. We exploit and take billions of lives every year in horrendous factory farms and labs.

Now I see scientists want to take the beating hearts out of living animals too. It’s been announced that healthy hearts could be taken out of pigs, messed about with and transplanted into humans. The pigs would then be “collateral damage”; left to die and be incinerated.

I feel humans have already stolen more than enough from the other creatures we share this planet with. It’s time we repaid our moral debt, rather than adding more.

While obviously I see the benefit for humans, I feel this is a complete violation of the pigs — a companionate, intelligent species, sensitive to pain. How can this be moral?

Cambridge University researchers found that pigs are as smart as three-year-old children. They can learn sign language. They can follow logical processes, learn rules and even play computer games.

Pigs also develop strong bonds with humans and can recognise people they met years ago. They show deep emotions and traits such as trust, empathy and loyalty.

A famous example was when a domestic pig called Lulu saved the life of her carer, who had collapsed with a heart attack at her Pennsylvania........

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