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Line Of Duty Series 6’s Final Episode Explained As ‘H’ Is Finally Unmasked

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WARNING. This article contains spoilers of the highest order.

The hunt for “H” is finally over.

Yes, after a four-year wait, we now know that DSU Ian Buckells was Line Of Duty’s mystery baddie all along.

The bent copper, who had been helping to lead a clandestine network of corrupt police officers in league with organised crime, was unmasked during Sunday night’s blockbuster series finale.

Many other long-running storylines also wrapped up during the episode, as Gail Vella’s killer was confirmed and Superintendent Ted Hastings revealed the true story behind Lee Banks, John Corbett and the £50k sum of money.

If your head is still spinning trying to take all the information in, here’s a full recap...

The first big development of the episode saw DI Steve Arnott finally attend a medical appointment where he revealed the truth about his reliance on painkillers, and was asked to surrender his firearms licence, before telling Hastings about what had been going on.

After this came the revelation that a lockbox had been found beneath the OCG’s gun workshop floor.

Inside it was the workshopped pistol used to kill Gail Vella, as well as clothes and gloves belonging to the shooter, which DNA testing proved was Carl Banks.

Also in the box were the knives that killed PC Maneet Bindra and undercover officer John Corbett, both of which had Ryan Pilkington’s prints on.

The knife the OCG used to kill Jackie Laverty in series one was also recovered, with DCI Tony Gates’ prints on it – although we already knew the OCG planted his prints on the weapon so they could use it as leverage to coerce him into working with them.

While questioning if there was any evidence that related to Marcus Thurwell or Ian Buckells, Arnott also mentioned Chief Constable Philip Osborne’s name, much to the shock of DS Chris Lomax…

Back at AC-12, it was discovered that Marcus Thurwell was indeed dead – despite the fan theories – as the bodies of him and his wife were formally identified, having been strangled to death at their Spanish villa a number of weeks earlier.

At the property, police found devices that had made contact with DCI Jo Davidson and OCG member Lisa McQueen. However, it turned out that the communication actually originated in the UK and was routed via Spain so that the IP would be a decoy, and Thurwell used as a stooge.

Specialist Technician Amanda Yao then arrived with news of a recent message that had just been intercepted, with the sender saying Jo Davidson was “definately” high risk.

The misspelling spiked AC-12’s suspicions as it matched the way “the fourth man” had spelled “definitely” when in contact with Lisa McQueen in series five. As a result, DC Chloe Bishop was asked to go through all the Operation Lighthouse and Lawrence Christopher files to see if there were any reports filed by officers that contained the same misspelling.

As Hastings, Fleming and Arnott rushed to Blackthorn Prison to try and get Davidson to safety, they discovered a production order had been issued calling for Davidson to attend an interview at Hillside........

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