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Line Of Duty's Key Series 6 Theories: An Examination

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With only two episodes of Line Of Duty left in the current series, we’re just a matter of days away from getting some serious answers about AC-12′s investigation into Operation Lighthouse.

As things stand, one beloved officer’s life is hanging in the balance and there’s a massive connection to a previous series, while several names are also in the frame as the hunt for the “fourth man” gathers pace.

As a result, there are many theories circulating among armchair detectives, who reckon they’ve cracked various parts of the case.

We’ve therefore taken it upon ourselves to round up some of the most popular theories doing the rounds on social media, so we can take a closer look at the evidence that supports them and try to work out how likely it is that they’re accurate...

Theory 1: Fleming isn’t dead

DI Kate Fleming was feared dead at the end of the most recent episode, after a tense armed stand-off with corrupt officer Ryan Pilkington.

Just before the credits rolled, two ominous gunshots rang out, leaving viewers wondering if writer Jed Mercurio had killed off the beloved officer.

However, it looks like the answer to that question could actually be hidden in the official BBC trailer for series six, which debuted earlier this year.


  • In a scene that is yet to air in the series, Davidson is seen wearing the same clothes in the same setting as the last episode, as she insists: “Kate, I had nothing to do with it”
  • Fleming is also seen standing opposite her in the clip

  • Another teaser released before the series showed Davidson holding her hands up in the air as Fleming stands next to her after Hastings and Arnott arrive on the scene

Likelihood: While Mercurio refused to rule out the possibility of one of the major characters dying in this series in a press conference earlier this year, this clip certainly seems to be proof Fleming survives.

Adrian Dunbar – who plays Hastings – also hinted that fans’ suspicions about the trailer were correct.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, he said: “I know [what happens to Kate] and a lot of Line Of Duty fans know. A lot of Line Of Duty fans know what’s going on. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. There’s been a very big clue.”

Of course, it could still be a red herring that’s been deliberately placed in the trailer to make us think exactly this (we’d put nothing past those sneaky Line Of Duty bosses), but we’d say it’s a fair bet Fleming will live to fight another day.

Theory 2: Carmichael is ‘H’

AC-3’s DCS Patricia Carmichael has only just returned to the series, but she’s already come under the suspicion of fans.

Some think she could be the artist formerly known as “H”, thanks to something Jimmy Lakewell said prior to being murdered by Lee Banks in prison.

As one Twitter user wrote: “I think Carmichael is H. Jimmy Lakewell told Steve to look more into the race claim. Take away Raceclaim from Carmichael and what do you have left... H.”

@Cparks1976 I think Carmichael is H. Jimmy Lakewell told Steve to look more into the race claim. Take away Raceclaim from Carmichael........

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