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12 Mistakes Brits Always Make During A Heatwave

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Burnt skin, dehydration, and end-of-day exhaustion – the same things happen during every heatwave in Britain, no matter how many times we’re told to do the opposite.

The thing is, blistering hot weather doesn’t come around often in the UK – so when it does, Brits feel the need to enjoy every single second of it, before the inevitable return of the rain leaves us stuck indoors again.

Considering there’s likely to be a mini heatwave starting this weekend – with highs of around 30°C in places like London – we’ve rounded up some of the mistakes Brits tend to make, and what they should be doing instead.

Not putting suncream on (obviously)

We can’t say these three things enough: as the song goes, wear sunscreen. You can burn even through cloud, and you should apply it throughout the day. Claire Knight, Cancer Research UK’s senior health information manager, says confusion and myths about sun safety put people at risk of skin damage.

“The sun isn’t only strong abroad,” she explains. “It can be strong enough to cause damage in the UK from the start of April to the end of September.” Getting sunburnt just once every two years triples the risk of melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer. You should regularly and generously apply sun cream with at least SPF 15 and 4 or more stars, even when it’s cloudy – and remember to do your eyelids too, as they’re easy to miss out.

Spreading suncream too thinly

Even if you’re using a high SPF, you could be leaving your skin vulnerable to sun damage because you’re applying sun cream too thinly.

A 2019 study by King’s College London found when applied in the typical way, SPF 50 suncream provides just 40% of the protection we expect it to because we’re simply not using enough of it. In order to stay protected, the researchers suggested holidaymakers use 3ml (around half a teaspoon) of suncream on each arm, the face and the neck, plus 6ml (a full teaspoon) to each leg, the front and the back of the body. You should then reapply at least three........

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