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The Great Leftist Bully Boy Hope

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By any empirical measure, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proven utterly disingenuous, and far more so than average politicians.

Unlike other political mediocrities, his inanities have led to roughly 13,000 unnecessary deaths or more, when he did not fully utilize the federal offer of a hospital ship and makeshift care facilities for COVID-19 patients. Instead, Cuomo sought to make rooms in New York hospitals available largely by transferring or redirecting elderly infected patients into pristine long-term health-care facilities—and then patently lied about that government-ordered disaster.

Cuomo’s serial sexual harassments and narcissistic violations of the privacy of female aides and acquaintances were serially covered up and contextualized by the leftwing media—most prominently and unethically by his own brother and CNN news anchor, Chris Cuomo.

The only apparent reasons why Cuomo has not resigned under left-wing pressure are the uncertain ensuing political calculus for Democrats and the embarrassment that Joe Biden—similarly accused by at least eight women of improper touching and unwarranted hugging and squeezing—was photographed violating the private spaces of underage girls, and faced a serious charge of crass sexual assault.

In Orwellian fashion, in the midst of this shipwreck of governance, Cuomo received a book advance package of over $5 million to chronicle his advice on effective leadership. Neither Cuomo nor his publisher could have believed the extravagant advance reflected likely book sales. So the investment was either due to New York echo-chamber, celebrity incestuousness or anticipated quid pro quo influence peddling. And, in fact, Cuomo ended up receiving more than $110 per book sold, instead of the usual $2 to $3 per book under standard royalty arrangements.

How did Cuomo find time to write a memoir in the midst of running New York, during one of the worst COVID-19 fatality records in the nation (2,791 COVID deaths per million in New York, versus 1,853 in Texas, 1,835 in Florida, , and 1,637 in California)? And why would Cuomo wish even to whitewash such an un-washable and disreputable record?

In other words, there was plenty of evidence to conclude that Cuomo was a mostly malignant figure who did a great deal of harm to the innocent and the vulnerable, through the abuse of his office, his serial cover-ups of miscreant behavior, and his cynical reliance on media exemption.

But why and how arose this fake Cuomo construct?

The media has had a long history of constructing faux heroes, based largely on progressive elites’ romantic visions of “tough” guys. They are usually defined by those who go after conservatives in crass or take-no-prisoners fashion. To the elite parlor Left, there is a giddiness that the intellectual, the sophisticated, the cultured, and the refined feel when they enlist shock troops to damage their supposedly uncouth enemies—thus descending (they think) to their opponents’ level.

Indeed, after the pandemic hit, and Cuomo’s dismal record began to emerge, he immediately cast himself as the loudest of the anti-Trump office-holders. His press........

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