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Eeyore’s Cabinet: Trumpistics

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Phoenix by koyu @ Getty Images

Victor Davis Hanson // VDH’s Blade of Perseus

Part Two: The Phoenix Trump?

August is not January. In politics even a week is a lifetime.

Mirabile dictu, Trump’s banishment from social media, means far less of his scattergun tweeting. His memos were rarer, his thoughts better composed. Although the media monopolized the public image of Trump, its own ratings—NPR/PBS/CNN/MSNBC/network news—dived. Without their daily fix of getting high on hate Trump, the media went through withdrawal, shaking, sputtering, and unwatched.

So the more Trump was quiet, the more the on-spec and tiring Trump-under- every-American-bed obsessions became boring. Brian Stelter was reduced to broadcasting in his shorts. Leftwing Trump haters had no more Trump car crashes to tune in for, and so tired of Joy Reid or Nicolle Wallace, who, as Zombies, staggered on air looking for the evil, but now missing Trump.

The January 6 assault was a spontaneous riot, but not an “armed insurrection.” In other words, the more the Left beat January 6 to death, the more its own lies and propaganda surfaced. There were no “armed” protestors arrested in possession of, or using, a firearm. The question whether there were FBI informants in the mob, or what in the blank were the lax Capitol Police doing, remains unanswered. There were, as yet, no “insurrectionist” architects found with plans of a hostile takeover of the capitol. (Plastic Lego models of the Capitol don’t count). January 6 was not, as the Pelosi mob barked, the “worst” (fill in the blanks) since 9/11. Or was it Pearl Harbor redux? See Bruce Thornton’s incisive article on such ridiculous hype.

Officer Brian Sicknick was not “murdered” by a Trump supporter, but tragically died from apparent natural causes a day later.

The “Five Dead!” headlines were misleading: 4 were Trump supporters. Only one died at the deliberate hand of another: unarmed, tiny and 14-year military veteran Ashli Babbitt. She was shot while illegally entering through a window in the Capitol by an as yet unnamed police officer. In a first, the media and authorities released zero information about an officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman, while other more heavily armed officers looked on and apparently saw no such existential danger.

If the media had Deified the unarmed, but dying in custody George Floyd, who had been arrested on suspicion of feloniously passing a counterfeit bill, while on drugs resisting arrest, with a lengthy arrest record, they Satanized the fatally shot, but equally unarmed Babbitt as some lunatic treasonous existential threat, who got what she deserved in the act of committing a likely misdemeanor of forcible trespassing, or failing to follow a law enforcement order to disperse. The only constant in........

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