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Eeyore’ Corner: Trumpistics

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Image by smshoot @ Getty Images

Victor Davis Hanson // VDH’s Blade of Perseus

Part One: Trump, RIP?

In January-February 2021, Trump’s future was problematic. He was kicked off social media. And without his accustomed megaphones, Trump for the first time in years was unable to reach supporters and the public at large. Thus, the hate-Trump media filled the void and alone took over most of Trump’s ability to communicate.

Following January 6, the insurgent Parler, surging with millions of new subscribers, was ambushed by Amazon, Apple, and Google, which, in Night-of-the-Long-Knives fashion, removed it from their apps and links.

Note that Trump’s strongest traditional media supporters were no more. Rush Limbaugh, at his peak in terms of analysis and fired-up resistance to socialism, passed away on February 17, after a year-long and heroic fight against cancer.

The Drudge Report had flipped—the causes remain under dispute—and went from pro- to hate-Trump. Fox News was in turmoil: the Left attacked it fiercely as Trump loyalists; some Trump loyalists attacked it fiercely for letting the likes of Chris Stirewalt and Chris Matthews dominate Election Coverage.

The January 6, 2021 Capitol riot prompted a firestorm of “Trump did it” furor. The moribund Never-Trumpers, deflated after the sex and grifting scandals of the Lincoln Project and wrong consistently about their predictions of Trump administration policy failures, got a second wind with the enlistment of Liz Cheney and The Ten who voted to impeach Trump.

Even some in his own party blamed Trump for the loss of two Republican Senate seats in Georgia, due to his........

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