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The Time Has Come to Admit: Israel Is an Apartheid Regime

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A good Jew doesn’t pronounce God’s sacred name, the tetragrammaton, out of fear and awe. And similarly, there is a word that due to a taboo, a good Zionist refrains from uttering. They believe that Israel is a democratic country with moral legitimacy to defend itself, and that security needs are a kosher correcting fluid that whites out any injustice.

The average reader is horrified and stops reading when they encounter this word if it is referring to Israel, and believes that its attribution expresses a lie, heresy and antisemitism, and that whoever uses it is a radical leftist, an Israel-basher who hates their people and their country. The average writer, it should be admitted, also refrains from mentioning the specific word for fear that he will lose the last of his readers. And those petitioning the High Court of Justice prefer caution, arguing that wrongful discrimination exists, and for their own reasons choose not to call the facts by their hard-to-pronounce name.

This name was given by the international community in two international conventions, to a situation that is defined as a crime, in which in order to maintain control by a group of people of one ethnic/national origin over another ethnic/national group, the government maintains a dual system of laws in a single geographic area.

In such a system the human rights of the citizens of the reigning country are preserved, and an institutionalized regime is maintained, which includes inhumane treatment and systemic oppression of the other ethnic/national group, in a manner that undermines the basic human rights of its members. The international community called this situation “apartheid.”

And this is a story about a petition submitted to the High Court of Justice by six Palestinians who are residents of the area controlled by Israel,........

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