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COVID-19 Gives Way to Another Outbreak of the anti-Semitism Virus. We Need a Cure

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Of course, the history of Jew hatred began before Christianity, in the Hellenistic period if not earlier. I believe its origins lie in the difference between the developing Jewish culture and the “global” Hellenistic civilization that aspired to cultural, social and political unification within its territory. As the Book Esther (written by Jews, not by anti-Semites) says: For they do not follow the religion (i.e., the customs) of the king.

The deification of the ruler-monarch and the worship of gods could not be accepted by the Jews. Christianity, and later Islam, deepened this polarization.

Nazi anti-Semitism was also a continuation and mutation of Jew hatred that made it the central political motif at a time when nationalism was evolving into racism in the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th. Nazism and its legacy, including the anti-Semitism of radical Islam, continue to this day. Anti-Semitism has become a basic phenomenon of modern society.

However, it seems that another important catalyst has been added in recent years. It’s happening against the backdrop of a catastrophic decline in the birthrate in developed societies – in places like China, Japan, Russia, Europe and North America. The average birthrate in these countries stands at 1.6 to 1.7 per woman. (The minimum necessary to guarantee demographic stability is 2.1.) In China it’s 1.6, in Germany and the United States it’s between 1.6 and 1.7, in Russia it’s even lower and in Italy it’s 1.4. The exception is Israel, where the rate is 3.1.

Consider Poland. According to the EU, by 2040 its population will shrink to 28 or 29 million from the current 38 million. The result is an aging population, and a contraction of the workforce for sustaining the current standard of living. To maintain it, immigration will be necessary; the use of robotics in manufacturing isn’t enough.........

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