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The pro-Trump anti-Semites Who Could Bring Down Trump – and American Conservatism

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Americans have primarily been focused on the attempt to impeach President Donald Trump, but a breaking conflict within the ranks of conservative Trump supporters points to a troubling aspect of his presidency that ought to concern not just his critics but also the White House itself.

The rise of a group of noisy alt right critics of mainstream Republicans and conservatives who call themselves "groypers" has become a cause célèbre on the right.

Led by a You Tube personality called Nick Fuentes, who has a long record of racism, Holocaust denial, homophobia, and a penchant for calling opponents "shabbos goy race traitors" they share the president’s antipathy to illegal immigration.

But they go further even than Senior White House advisor Stephen Miller, denounced by Democrats and liberals because of his familiarity with white nationalist literature and aggressive hostility to immigrant communities – indeed, something that ought to trouble even those who don’t wish to take sides against Trump.

Fuentes is a Racist:

Fuentes was at the Charlottesville white supremacy and Nazi march

Fuentes posted just HOURS after Heather Heyer was killed that the event as “incredible” and said “You will not replace us” and that “a tidal wave of white identity is coming”

Documentation: pic.twitter.com/ahTNM8vKST

The groypers advocate not merely a mass deportation of illegals, a drastic reduction in legal immigration and refugee entries - as Miller does, but denounce anyone who doesn’t share their racist hostility towards all non-European Americans, framing them as advocates of "open borders." Their views are a toxic brew of classic far right incitement combining racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and homophobia.

What’s more, although they claim to be true believers in Trump, the sole object of their trolling and heckling at events on college campuses and elsewhere have been supporters of the president, including stalwart conservative Republicans like Texas Rep. Ben Crenshaw (who has called them "the Alt Right 2.0.") and even Donald Trump Jr., as well as pundits like the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro and Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk.

So it seems like Don Jr’s book tour is going well pic.twitter.com/m0mZQQMHSi

All ideological and political camps........

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