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Admit It: Donald Trump Is a Disaster for Israel and the Jews

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Jewish right-wingers will not be swayed. No matter how chaotic Donald Trump’s foreign policy or how incoherent his worldview, they insist on seeing in the president a love for Israel and an affection for Jews for which no evidence exists.

Or hardly any. It is true that he moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, a symbolic but significant step deserving of praise. And it true too that he has ordered a stiff defense of Israel at the United Nations.

But these actions, praiseworthy but limited, cannot explain his cult-like grip on his Jewish right-wing supporters, both here and in Israel.

>> Trump Just Gave the Finger to His Jewish Voters

The man who has mesmerized his non-Jewish "base" has done the same for most Jewish Israelis and about a quarter of American Jews. And he has done so despite a spotty record on relations with Jews and a terrible record on maintaining Israel’s strategic position in the world.

There are, it seems to me, at least four immediate reasons why Donald Trump has been a disaster for Israel and the Jews.

One: Donald Trump defers to Ann Coulter, with her long history of anti-Semitic rants, when he wants to know what the Republican grassroots are thinking.

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The current government shutdown, referred to in the press as the "Ann Coulter shutdown," is the best evidence of this phenomenon. Initially reluctant to close down the government, Trump changed his mind after Coulter called him "gutless" on the far-right Breitbart website. Supposedly furious, Trump nonetheless proceeded to do exactly what Coulter demanded.

Coulter is a vicious, profane, conservative troll, and there are many reasons why the President of the United States should not look upon her as the primary arbiter of Republican values. And prominent among them is her long history of making anti-Jewish and anti-Israel comments.

Israel must be defended as last redoubt of the Globalists.

During the 2016 campaign, for example, angry that a Republican debate was focusing on Israel issues, she tweeted, "How many f----ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" And in an interview last week, Coulter said........

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