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Why does Trump want to keep deaths due to drones secret?

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Imran Jan |

President Trump has revoked the rule that required the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to publish annual reports of the civilian death toll resulting from its drone strikes in areas where the United States is not officially at war such as Yemen and the tribal areas of Pakistan.

The rule was put in place by President Obama in July 2016. Drones were President Obama’s favored weapon of choice because it helps avoid American casualties in active battle. Drones are remote-controlled killing machines operated by people who basically have PlayStation skills since the design of the drone control is modelled on PlayStation.

The drone pilots like to call themselves pilots not gamers. Their argument is that these drones are planes except they are operating them remotely. They do not like the name Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) because according to them; there is a pilot controlling the aerial vehicle remotely.

The Amnesty International carried out an investigation of 5 out of the more than 100 drone strikes by the Pentagon in Somalia in 2017. Even in that tiny sample, it found 14 civilian deaths.

Sitting in little makeshift drone control stations parked in Nellis and Creech bases outside Las Vegas, these self-proclaimed pilots basically use their PlayStation skills on large screens displayed in front of them, except the people they are killing by unleashing the hellfire missiles are real human beings. The biggest threat to the lives of these gamers’ in drone warfare is the drive between home and work.

Trump administration argued that they are ending the Obama-era rule of publishing annual reports of drone death toll because there is already a law in place that requires the........

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