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Defenders bad, aggressors good

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Imran Jan |

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an absolute classic. In the story, the animals had 7 commandments distilled into the maxim “four legs good, two legs bad”, which were basically to prevent animals from the humans’ evil habits. The maxim was later overturned into “four legs good, two legs better” when pigs become more human. The Nuremberg principles established that aggression is the supreme international crime in that it includes “within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Now, states have the right to defend themselves against an imminent and overwhelming threat if there is no moment for deliberation, use of force necessary, and proportionate to the threat. This is called the Caroline Test, which was reaffirmed by the Nuremberg Tribunal. That has been the norm and the principle that states tend to or at least are expected to adhere to. Sadly, only on paper.

Israel is the aggressor state in the region. It has invaded countries, made surgical strikes on Syria, launched cyber attacks on Iran, and assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists.

In the realpolitik world of realism, game theory, and selfish pursuit of interests by players (states); the norm is inverted just like the animals’ maxim from Orwell’s book. Powerful states that dictate the norm and set the global agenda have rebranded aggression as self-defense, one example of which is pre-emption. Aggression has been made to look like a benign action. Other than self-defense, powerful states also cherry pick others’ defense. This fiction has a benign and benevolent name; Responsibility To Protect (R2P).

That powerful states invade countries because of R2P, bringing peace and tranquillity by bombing and helping the people attain the highest standards of success in a fatherly way. Never mind that the people, whose countries are invaded for their protection, aren’t allowed to enter the........

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