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Who holds the strings in USA?

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International politics have never been this heated since maybe the Cold War. After a long period of time where United States done as they wish around the globe, new opponents start to rise up against them. Maybe we can even say, they start infiltrating rather than rising up.

Just like I have mentioned in my previous articles, there has been a culture war being fought in U.S for a while. The silence of left wing towards class struggle and completely focusing on identity politics on recent years has carried an interesting individual such as Donald J. Trump to the White House. But since the 2016 elections, the public kept speaking over a certain subject; foreign intervention.

Trumps cutting edge victory in 2016 were only explained with Russia’s intervention by his opponents. Last 4 years has convinced us that opposition in U.S always wanted to bring the attention towards this case. The allegations including Russian hackers social media manipulations, Trump campaign officials relations with Kremlin and Michael Flynn case were all pointing us towards Russia.

Similar accusations were pointed out by the Republican Party aswell. Trump was always accusing China of infiltrating international agencies and U.S based companies to subdue them politically with the fear of losing Chinese market.

Were all of these some baseless claims coming from incompetent political parties trying to subvert public opinion against their opponents or did any of it have any legitimacy behind them? Let’s talk about the accusations first.

Accusations towards Trumps victory in 2016 were not limited to the Democrat Party. The investigation started by Director of FBI Robert Mueller have gathered many evidences regarding to the subject.

First I should mention that U.S intelligence has concluded Russians have not stole or replace any votes on the election results. But the operations they continued online were targeting to manipulate voting citizens.

Before the elections, they have hacked databases containing personal informations of the voters. They have stolen e-mails of both Democrat and Republican election comittees. They have leaked lots of e-mails of Hillary Clinton via Wikileaks (a website that is leaking information of high value people and states) hoping to damage her campaign.

Russian hackers weren’t just passively leaking e-mails, they were also actively intervening with both campaigns. They were creating fake internet personas, posting online with an American citizen identity. They were even paying actual Americans to organize meetings in conversative states in favor of Trump.

Their only purpose was not smearing Clinton’s campaign. They were also hoping to recruit some members of Trump team into their ranks. Russian intelligence has contacted one of the young foreign policies advisors; George Papadopoulos and told them about Putin’s will of meeting with Trump before the elections. Papadopoulos has passed this information to Trump. Another foreign policies advisor Carter Page went to Russia in 2016 to give a speech and met with at least one Russian official. Because of this, he took the attention of FBI.

According to Mueller investigation, Trump was not working together with Russia in his campaign. But his team was happy to accept any........

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