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Tucker Carlson: We should not be resettling Afghan refugees before rescuing American citizens

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host slams politicians advocating for refugees to be prioritized at the same level as Americans

What a betrayal the war in Afghanistan turned out to be. Above all, it was a betrayal of the American public, the people who for 20 years paid for the occupation. It was a betrayal of the ones who died there, of course, and of the tens of thousands of Americans who will carry the scars from this disaster for the rest of their lives. They were lied to. We were all lied to. And we have a right to feel bitter about that.

But the war in Afghanistan was also, if we're going to be completely honest about it, a betrayal of the Afghan people. Our leaders made promises to them. They knew they couldn't keep. Honorable countries don't do that. It's shameful. Imagine being an Afghan employee at Bagram Air Base. You woke up the other morning to find your American patrons gone. They didn't tell you they were leaving. They just left.

So what happens to you now in a country run by the Taliban? It's hard to think about that. And yet tonight many Americans are thinking about it and they're feeling distressed as they do. Americans are kind people and generous. They're quicker and more eager to help strangers than anyone else in the world. We haven't seen polling on it, but we bet if you asked one hundred people, should we try to help Afghans who are facing persecution for helping us, most Americans would say, of course, we should. And we should be glad that they say that you should be happy you live in a country where your neighbors love children and dogs and want to help refugees. We are generous and empathetic people and we should be proud.


Unfortunately, there are many in our ruling class who are anxious to take advantage of that, anxious, take advantage of our best qualities. They see our decency and our weakness, and they exploit those things and they do it relentlessly. Let's try to save our loyal Afghan interpreters we tell them. Perfect, they think. We'll open the borders and change the demographic balance of this country. Of course, that's exactly what they're doing right now on our southern border, naturally in the name of human rights and compassion. And they would like to do the very same thing with the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan, the disaster that they created. Look at what this kid on MSNBC said yesterday, and remember, as you watch that he is regarded with total seriousness in Washington as a foreign policy expert and that his fellow foreign policy experts wholeheartedly agree with him.

SPENCER ACKERMAN: We’re talking about an evacuation of people who helped the wars, and that’s an obligation of the United States but it's sort of a moral floor that’s functioning as a moral ceiling. The Bush Administration, I’m sorry the Biden Administration, pardon me, isn’t doing things necessary like increasing TPS access and letting in refugees by the millions to escape their certain fate at the hands of the Taliban.

So we must "let in refugees by the millions," said the mustachioed foreign policy expert. The millions. Millions is not a handful of loyal Afghan interpreters. That's not even a fleet of cargo planes full of loyal Afghan interpreters. Millions is a good chunk of the entire population of Afghanistan, brought to our country at our expense to live in your neighborhood at the very moment our national fabric is fraying, in case you haven't noticed, and the United States is becoming unmistakably poorer.

And that's not just one man's eccentric opinion on MSNBC. You should know all the clever people are saying exactly the same thing. "The US should take as many Afghan refugees as it can" demands a recent headline in New York Magazine. As many refugees as we can. How many refugees is that? And is it really a good idea to do that for us? Don't ask. You're not allowed to ask that question because asking is racist.

NICOLLE WALLACE: The notion that their sort of horrific fearmongering and racism don’t carve out the men and women in Afghanistan who kept our soldiers alive for two decades is a new level of reprehensible.

DON LEMON: So, right-wing personality is using the crisis in Afghanistan to push an anti-refugee sentiment.

CHRIS CUOMO: They're getting caught up in what I call the "Brown Menace," which is this Trumper right-wing fear of people coming into the country from Central and South America. These people seem to be getting swept up into that xenophobia.

FAREED ZAKARIA: Stephen Miller's response to the collapse of Afghanistan,........

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