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Tucker Carlson: We’re allowed to ask questions and demand answers

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host discusses the discrepancies in U.S. vaccine guidance when compared to other parts of the world

Last week a group of Texas state legislators decided to cast down their nets and follow their consciences. They left their native land on a kind of pilgrimage to find democracy. By leaving, ironically, they ended democracy in their own state. In their absence, Texas could no longer pass laws. But they believed it was worth it. They were serving a cause bigger than themselves.

So they set out on the journey of a lifetime with just the clothes on their backs. They took nothing, apart from a private jet, iPhones for selfies and regular social media updates, as well as a case of Miller Lite for sustenance. They forewent even their paper obedience masks, the ones that federal law requires the rest of us to wear when we travel by air. But not these pilgrims—they took no masks. They traveled light. They like the Viet Cong, marching 50 miles in truck tire sandals and sleeping in trees. They were only about their mission. Finally, after a grueling refueling stop at an FBO en route, they arrived in Washington as conquering heroes.

One of them, an enthusiastic if not especially bright legislator called Gene Wu, boasted that fans were all but throwing themselves at him as he arrived at National Airport. Virtue has its benefits.

The group even met with president Kamala Harris, who compared them to the civil rights marchers of old. No German Shepherds or firehoses or bridges to cross but it was a very similar vibe. You could smell the moral heroism. And then, strangely, you couldn’t smell anything at all. A number of the pilgrims reported feeling sick and losing their olfactory sense. Uh-oh! As it turned out, at least five of them had come down with the coronavirus. Kamala Harris, who’d clearly been exposed to it, was immediately whisked away to Walter Reed Medical Center, for undisclosed but easily-guessed reasons.

For our friend Gene Wu, this was all very embarrassing. Wu had intended to dazzle Kamala Harris, not infect her with a deadly pathogen. Thankfully, Gene Wu has a philosophical streak.

"Let our mistake be the object lesson," Wu tweeted. "All of us had been fully vaccinated since March. We got complacent because we felt safe. Being vaccinated doesn't ALWAYS stop you from spreading the virus. ALWAYS MASK UP INDOORS!" Wu wrote the last sentence in all caps, like a scientist. Good to know. But wait. This seems like news.

It turns out, according to Gene Wu, being vaccinated doesn't stop you from getting or spreading COVID-19. Did you know that? Gene Wu didn’t. Just a week ago, on July........

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