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Tucker Carlson: Vaccine mandates are not about COVID, but about autonomy and rational decision-making

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight host and decorated combat veteran Sean Parnell say opposing the import of Afghan refugees is not about race its about our duty to help Americans

It was just the other day -- two weeks ago exactly -- that the Biden administration announced the suspension of private property rights in America. Building owners are prohibited from forcing their tenants to pay rent. Other people now have the right to live in your house for free. America’s housing stock has been nationalized. From here on out, it’s controlled by the Biden administration. But wait a second, you ask. This is America, can that be legal? No, it’s not legal. It’s unconstitutional. The Supreme Court said so clearly. But as Maxine Waters put it, who cares? What are those old judges going to do about it? What army do they control? They’re not doing anything. So the Biden administration ignored our highest court and just did it. Thanks to COVID, the media has decided, they can do that. They can do anything. So they are.

Where does the leave the rest of us? In a word, exposed. Without property rights, protected by a functioning judicial system, American citizens have nothing at all. Everything you thought you owned, very much including your body, now belongs to the Democratic Party. Where you travel, who you speak to, where you live, what you say and write and think — all this is now controlled by the Party. And everything means everything, even your medical autonomy. And this is funny, because for decades they’ve told us that medical decisions can only be made between you and your personal physician. That is a sacred pact. Politicians have no right to tell doctors what to do. Hey politicians, get your hands off my body. That would be The Handmaid’s Tale. Remember? Turns out they didn’t mean it.


And just to show you how much they didn’t mean it, we take you now to New York City, whose mayor is not only famously incompetent but physically unclean. Of the 340 million Americans now living in this country, Bill de Blasio is the single last person you’d go to for medical advice. His diet consists almost exclusively of bong hits and Pringles. There’s no chance he brushes his teeth every day. Your 17-year-old stoner nephew has much better personal hygiene. And yet, somehow, because Bill de Blasio still has political power due to the fact that a tiny group of people once voted for him, Bill de Blasio has decided to overrule practicing physicians and force his subjects to take medicine they may or may not need, and in some cases that might hurt them, whether they want to or not. That’s the rule.

In New York City, you’re no longer allowed to walk indoors, even on private property, unless you've taken a COVID shot and carry the documents to prove that you have. That's now the law — a law that by the way, not a single person voted for — voting being part of that outmoded, racist system we used to call "democracy." No more. According to New York's new order, indoor spaces are off-limits to the unvaccinated. How are we defining indoor spaces?........

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