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Tucker Carlson: To make the Taliban's job easier, Biden gave them a list of Americans in Afghanistan

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host says Biden handed the Taliban a list of Americans in Afghanistan

Let's say you had a deep animus against the United States, let's say you hated the country and you wanted to permanently knock the U.S. from its perch as the preeminent world power and degrade and humiliate America for good. You might use Afghanistan to do that. And if you wanted to, here's what you might do:

First, you would delay or withdraw from Afghanistan for 19 years, long after there was any national security justification for being there. You would turn a war into a welfare program and you would turn your military into an NGO. That would humiliate everyone involved.

You would spend trillions of dollars to do this, but you would be absolutely certain to get nothing in return for that money. Apart from dramatically increasing local corruption and making opium poppies the national crop. As the occupying power, you would run Afghanistan so badly, with such unbelievable stupidity and overbearing arrogance that by the end much of the population would yearn for the return of brutal religious extremists. Then, when it was finally time to go, you would ignore the relevant details of the withdrawal. You wouldn't plan your exit. You would just hope for the best what could go wrong in a country controlled by the Taliban?

When crowds of desperate people showed up, as they inevitably would, begging to be evacuated, you'd be certain to give preference to the foreign nationals, the ones you might hate you and prefer Sharia law to democracy. They would get the first seats on the plane. As for your own citizens, the people you exist to protect, we just wish them luck and leave them behind. You wouldn't even bother to get all of their names because really, who cares?


Then, having done all of that, you go on television back in your own country to brag about what........

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