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Tucker Carlson: This isn't about the science, here's proof

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host explains why the nation is confused about latest COVID guidance

Have you been reading the news recently? How would you describe to your grandchildren the moment we’re living through?

If you’re looking for a single snapshot that perfectly distills the pure, hallucinogenic absurdity of the moment we’re living in, consider the Biden administration’s new guidance on COVID. We learned yesterday that America’s children will spend yet another year with covered faces. This, despite the fact that masks are demonstrably terrible for kids, and kids face no meaningful threat from coronavirus. Doesn’t matter. The White House says kids have to mask up. And so they will.

We also learned yesterday that the administration will force federal employees to take the covid vaccine. This mandate will start with government healthcare workers. Some of these healthcare workers — for reasons that no one has bothered to explain — have so far refused to get the shot.


But now, Kamala Harris will make them. Ponder that for a moment. Willie Brown’s girlfriend is claiming she knows more about medicine than doctors and nurses do. She’s an expert on the subject. So, by the way, is her 78-year-old business partner, the one who seems adrift in fantasy a lot of the time, and tends to nod out in mid-sentence. He’s a medical expert too. He explained that, once you’ve had the vaccine, you don’t need to wear a mask.

JOE BIDEN: I think it’s a great milestone. A great day. It’s been made possible by the extraordinary success we’ve had in vaccinating so many Americans so quickly. … When your country asked you to get vaccinated, you did. The American people stepped up. You did what I consider to be your patriotic duty. That’s how we’ve gotten to this day. … If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. Let me repeat: If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask.

"Let me repeat: If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask." And we believed that. It made sense. That was the settled science just two months ago, in May. Only Russian spies and white supremacists questioned that science. Of course, you don’t need a mask once you’ve had the vaccine. Why would you? The COVID vaccine is a miracle, like the moon landing. It’s foolproof. It’s all you need. We actually believed that, because why wouldn’t we? It made sense.

And then we saw something very strange Kamala Harris and her husband — whose name is either Doug or Douglas, depending on the source — kissed each other in public with masks on. And this is strange because we knew that both had been vaccinated. That’s when we started to wonder. Either this was some sort of weird fetish ritual they’re into — get the mask, it’s time to kiss! — or else the White House wasn’t telling us everything about the vaccine. They’re still not telling us everything, but yesterday they dropped more clues.

The administration now says that all people, including people who have been vaccinated, will have to wear masks, but only depending on where they live. If you’re in something called "high or substantial COVID" region, prepare to put on your mask. What does that mean exactly? For the answer, we turn to the man who helped to create COVID in the first place.

FAUCI: The recommendations and guidelines have been changed to say If you are vaccinated, even though you are vaccinated when you are in an indoor public setting in an area of the country with a high degree of viral dynamics, namely the red and orange sections on the CDC chart, then you need to wear a mask even though you are vaccinated.

Well, that makes total sense. Of course, you’re required to wear a mask, even if you’ve been vaccinated, depending on where you live. Well, how do you know if you live in one of those places? According to Dr. Fauci, just check the "red and orange sections on the CDC chart." Oh, right! The chart you keep in your wallet next to your AAA card. Look carefully and you’ll see the "red and orange" account for more than 60% of the entire country.


Union County, Oregon, for example, is on that map. It’s got a population of 25,000 people. It’s small, it’s pretty, people who live there think it’s nice. The CDC calls it dangerous. That’s strange, Union County hasn’t had a single COVID death in nearly two months. But be sure to wear your mask if you wind up there if you dare.

Same with Washington, D.C. It was a "red and orange zone" as of yesterday afternoon. Officials in D.C. report just two people have died of COVID in the past two weeks. But it doesn’t matter. The administration will be requiring mask use there anyway. According to Willie Brown’s girlfriend, that’s........

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