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Tucker Carlson: The military's COVID vaccine mandate amounts to a power grab

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Fox News host addresses the 'dangerous consequences' of the military vaccine mandates on service members

For fun sometime, give a little civics test to people in your neighborhood. Ask them, if you wanted to take over a country, how would you do it? And here’s the answer you’re likely to get from all of them: "Well, first you’ve got to get the most votes." They’re Americans. That’s what they believe. And they believe it because that’s how things have worked in America for hundreds of years. It’s called representative democracy. But that’s not how things work in most other places, or ever have. They don’t have a representative democracy.

In most places, at most times, if you wanted to take over a country, first you had to control its military — the "guys with guns," as Mark Milley once memorably put it. The Army is essential for political control. Government dictates have no meaning without the credible threat of force to back them up. Guns are to laws what gold is to paper currency. It gives it value. Strength. In a democratic system, the military serves and protects the entire population, no matter who they vote for. That’s what democracy is. In an authoritarian system, the army is the enforcement apparatus of a specific political party. That’s the difference between the two systems.

It’s worth remembering this, given we’re seeing happen all around the world right now. The German Defense Ministry just announced it's dismantling its best-trained special operations unit, which is called the KSK. Dozens of KSK operators have been fired. None of them committed any kind of crime. The ruling party simply determined they weren’t loyal enough. They had the wrong political views. So they got canned. As the German defense minister, put it, the KSK has "come under the influence of an unhealthy understanding of elites."


"An unhealthy understanding of the elites," says the elite. Has there ever been a more revealing quote than that? In other words: "Anyone who doesn’t think we’re impressive must be fired immediately." Sound familiar? It’s not just happening in Germany. In Australia, which until recently was a free country, politicians just called in the military to enforce their totalitarian COVID restrictions, using violence if necessary. And it is sometimes necessary. Sydney is under martial law. Now, that is a shocking attack on the Western understanding of civil liberties, the most basic civil liberties. But the Australian government, most of its media, and its intellectual class refuse to acknowledge that. Instead, they insist that the real threat to Australia is "white supremacy." Once again, sound familiar? It goes without saying that none of this has anything to do with COVID or racism, obviously. It’s about power. That’s all it’s about.

In this country, the slide from democracy........

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