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Tucker Carlson: Texas abortion law demonstrates democracy still exists

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host weighs in on the left's hypocrisy regarding the government dictation of personal health decisions

Here’s an interesting observation/theory: The slogans they yell the loudest are the ones they believe the least. We’ve noticed that recently. Volume is inversely proportional to sincerity. You scream it because you don’t really believe it. How do we think this? Here’s why.

The very same people who’ve told us for decades that it’s "my body, my choice," and seemed to mean it—those people—immediately abandoned their own argument when Covid arrived. Suddenly they were demanding that we wear the mask and get the shot. These weren’t optional suggestions. They weren’t deeply personal decisions to be made according to the dictates of individual conscience, after consulting with family, physicians, and clergy. Not at all. These were mandates. All of a sudden Democrats were arguing that actually, politicians do get to decide what we do with your bodies—it’s their choice, not yours: "Inject these powerful drugs whether you want to or not because we own you." Whatever else that is, that is not a pro-choice position, to put it mildly. So as we watched this happen we wondered: what are these people going to say the next time so-called abortion rights are challenged in court? Now we know the answer.

Last night the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a new abortion law in Texas. The decision came down 5-4—Roe v Wade was a 7-2 split almost 50 years ago. This time, the court upheld a Texas law that effectively bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Typically that’s at about six weeks into pregnancy. The law doesn't allow the government of Texas to enforce the ban. No one’s going to jail over abortion. Instead, the new law lets citizens sue clinics that commit illegal abortions.


No matter how you feel about abortion, it’s hard to argue this is an especially radical law. Intentionally stopping a person’s heart from beating is the definition of killing. Government has a right to regulate that. Deciding when it’s OK to kill a person is, on the most basic level, the whole reason we have laws in the first place. So whether it’s right or wrong or whether you like it or not, it’s not a crazy statute. It did however drive the media crazy. Here’s CBS quote, "news" last night:

NORAH ODONNELL: It is nearly impossible to get an abortion in Texas. The most restrictive abortion law in the country went into effect after the US Supreme Court declined to act on a request to block it // CBS REPORTER: Abortion providers say Texas has essentially outlawed 85% of abortion procedures which will force many clinics to close. Amy Hagstrom Miller runs four clinics providing abortion services and is one of the plaintiffs asking the Supreme Court to intervene AMY HAGSTROM MILLER: It’s heartbreaking to deny them to care that our staff are ready to provide. Most people will be forced to carry a pregnancy against their will. CBS REPORTER: The law signed by Gregg Abbott bans abortion after a so-called fetal heartbeat is detected – usually around six weeks.

How is an abortion service different from an abortion—why not just call it what it is? But here is the best line from CBS, "A so-called fetal heartbeat." Imagine saying something like that out loud. Once they’ve decided you should die, they won’t even admit you have a heartbeat. Do the........

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