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Tucker Carlson: Science is a seeking of the truth, not a political directive

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host asks what do civil rights mean when they're not enforced across the board?

We’re continuing to try to follow the bizarre and fast-changing guidance on COVID from the White House. Remember when they told you the last administration was incompetent? We’ve never seen anything like this. It’s beyond belief.

It was just about a week ago that Rochelle Walensky of the CDC did her best to terrify all of us over the new Indian strain of COVID. Walensky described the so-called "Delta Variant" as, quote, "one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of, and that I have seen in my 20-year career." An internal CDC document summed it up in martial terms. Quote: "The war has changed," wrote the CDC. In response to these horrifying developments, the administration immediately re-implemented indoor mask mandates, even for people who’ve been fully vaccinated. That was enough to get even the deeply-incurious American news media asking questions. Wait a second. If the vaccines work, why the masks? So, they started digging and they didn’t have to dig much.

On Friday morning, the Washington Post ran this headline: "Vaccinated people made up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts COVID-19 outbreak, pivotal CDC study finds." The New York Times ran a similar piece -- again, based on numbers from the CDC.

And yet, just minutes after those articles appeared, the White House panicked.


A senior member of its "COVID-19 response team," a man who is not a doctor, but instead a career flack called Ben Wakana, jumped on social media to attack the media and in fact attack the administration's own scientists. Here was Wakana's message to The New York Times on Twitter over the weekend. He wrote it in all-caps as if he was shouting.

Quote: "VACCINATED PEOPLE DO NOT TRANSMIT THE VIRUS AT THE SAME RATE AS UNVACCINATED PEOPLE AND IF YOU FAIL TO INCLUDE THAT CONTEXT YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG," he barked. He went on to call The Washington Post's coverage of it "irresponsible." And he added this, quote,

"Let’s be clear. If 10 vaccinated people walk into a room full of COVID, about 9 of them would walk out of the room WITH NO COVID. Nine of them." But is that true? Ben Wakana, the one who is not a doctor but instead a flak, didn't provide a citation for that statistic.

In fact, judging by the CDC’s own numbers, it appears to be wrong – in other words, it is classic "misinformation," possibly Russian in origin. Yet strangely, Ben Wakana, who knows much less about science than, say, Alex Jones, was not banned from the internet. He kept tweeting. And then, just a few hours........

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