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Tucker Carlson: Open borders means the death of young Americans, but Biden doesn't care

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host accuses Biden administration of changing the country to win elections

The pictures from the southern border are shocking, they're also real, so they can't be ignored. In the coming days, you'll hear what's happening at the border described as a humanitarian crisis. That means the migrants are suffering and they definitely are suffering and that’s sad. But what's sadder is that Americans are suffering too. Open borders have caused a deadly crisis among the very people our government supposedly exists to protect.

Close to 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses in the last year. These are not 85-year-olds with emphysema in nursing homes. These are kids on your street, young people in the prime of life, our country's future, the next generation. And they are dead now, mostly because of fentanyl that came up through Mexico.

So open borders means much more of this poison in your neighborhood, killing our children. Statistics released this week show that as of the end of July, fentanyl seizures at the southern border are more than double what they were for all of last year. Joe Biden did that. Open borders mean many more young Americans will die. Again, Joe Biden did that.


Neither he nor anyone around him cares, however. If 100,000 Afghan refugees died this year of anything. What we'll be talking about is that and only that. CNN would do a special every week: What happened to the Afghan refugees? That would be the single biggest issue in this country by far.

But 100,000 American young people? Joe Biden never even mentions it. He doesn't care. And drugs are hardly the only disastrous effect of open borders, the median price of a new home in this country is now almost six times higher than the median American household income. Think about that. That's a record. It's never happened. It's never been more expensive than it is now to buy a house.

If you're a young person who is hoping to start a life in this country, that is a disaster. So why is it happening? Lots of reasons. Fed policy for one.

But one of the reasons is overcrowding. It's that simple supply and demand. No one ever mentions it, but since 1990, this country has gained about 100 million people. 100 million. 1990 doesn't seem like that long ago to some of us. Thanks to the lunatics now in charge, this unsustainable growth is accelerating in ways it never has before, ever. Under Joe Biden, hundreds of thousands of immigrants are coming into the United States every single month.

So where are they going to live? Where are they going to send their children to school? What about the health care they've been promised for free? Have you been to a hospital emergency room recently? You should go. Check it out.

Once you see it, you'll understand the future of the Democratic Party is planning for you: squalid, overcrowded, chaotic, loud.

Of course, having created this human disaster, Democrats now claim they have a solution to it, of........

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