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Tucker Carlson: If public officials keep acting like this, there may be a revolution

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host says our leaders are 'too incompetent to care'

For a full year, our children never saw one another's faces. They didn't see their teachers or their playmates. They were cut off. They were masked. Masks were mandatory in schools and in most public places. Masks were the key to fighting the great global pandemic, they told us again and again. Our public health authorities repeated that every day. So our children complied with it. They had no choice. Very few of their parents questioned it. Adults who refused to wear masks in public were arrested for it. And that sent the clearest possible message. Shut up and do what you're told. So people did.

And yet, bubbling beneath the surface, questions remain. They didn't go away. Questions like, do masks really keep us safe from COVID-19? What is the downside of wearing masks? There's got to be a downside. What is it? And above all, why make children wear masks? What's the point of that? We've known since the beginning that children aren't at significant risk from the coronavirus, nor are they meaningful vectors for spreading it. As The Lancet put it famously last fall, "COVID-19 is a generally mild disease in children, including infants." And they’re right. More kids die in pool drownings every year than have died from COVID so far, according to the latest federal numbers, just .06% of all COVID fatalities in this country have been Americans aged 18 and under. So why mandate masks in schools? Well, because the teachers' unions demanded it. But beyond that, very few people asked, instead, we were treated to a daily, incessant drumbeat from the media, wear a mask, wear a mask, wear a mask. All good people wear masks.

JAKE TAPPER: The American Academy of Pediatrics just told CNN that children under the age of 12 should be the ones who wear masks. Do you agree?

CNN GUEST: Yeah, especially if they're indoors, indoor settings bring them into stores or restaurants.

CNN GUEST: Those kids obviously need to keep masks on when they're in public places, particularly when they're indoors, in public places, to…

MSNBC GUEST: Think about the indoors as a risky environment. In fact, if you're going indoors with children and they're in a setting where they don't have knowledge of who's vaccinated and who's not like other kids in camps, you should have them wear masks. And I've found that kids are actually OK with wearing masks.

"I found that actually, kids are OK with wearing masks," says someone identifying as a physician. in the end, that was the level of science behind this policy. Kids are easy to command. They don't know any better. You can make them do anything. And so we did.


They had no idea what they were talking about. There was no science behind what they said, they were just guessing and acting like it was settled, but it wasn't. We know that now because the actual science is finally coming in. Our juvenile mask policy, the one imposed on the entire country by the teachers’ unions and their puppets in Washington, turns out to be a complete disaster.

It was a human tragedy, in fact, on a vast scale, and it is a living testament to the recklessness of our leaders. A new study on masks and children has been conducted by actual researchers in Germany and Poland, and it was just published in JAMA Pediatrics, the premier peer-reviewed pediatric medical journal in the world. That study confirms that masking children wasn't simply unnecessary and probably counterproductive. Masking children was legitimately dangerous for the........

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