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Tucker Carlson: Democrats only care about maintaining power, Afghanistan proves it

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Tucker Carlson discusses Afghan refugees being placed in swing states on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

While Washington's Mass Delusion tour continues, it's amazing to watch. Just hours ago, in the latest installment, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff held a press conference at the Pentagon and they told us what they've been telling us all week from the White House and the State Department and everybody in charge. They're telling us that our departure from Afghanistan, the one that looks like a disaster to you, has, in fact, and this is directly from Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense been a resounding success.

Of course, if you subtract the 13 dead Americans, the two dozen trapped schoolchildren, the Afghans falling off airplanes, or the fact that we armed the Taliban with $90 billion worth of automatic weapons and helicopters, it's been great.

They're saying this so often, however, that it may not be propaganda, it is starting to seem like everyone in the Biden administration actually believes they just won. And that might explain why they're promoting Jennifer Rubin columns from The Washington Post and walking away from reporters without taking any questions. They don't have to explain themselves. It's obvious this is a victory.


Watching all this should worry you. There are only two explanations for it. Either every senior government official in Washington has been chugging Ayahuasca and has departed from reality on the early train, and that's possible, or on some deeper level, maybe they're actually telling the truth as they understand it.

When they say this is a victory, maybe from their perspective, it is maybe what looks like chaos is in fact a plan of sorts, and maybe that plan is working just fine. Now, how can that be, you ask? This is all clearly a disaster. It's on television. Voters hate it. The polls show that very clearly. So by any normal calculation, politically, Democrats would be very worried about the next election. They're going to be punished, obviously, in the midterms. And Republicans are all excited about the whupping they think they will deliver.

And yet, Democrats seem strangely content and self-confident. Why? Well, here's one theory, unproven, of course, just throwing it out there to think about. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the Biden administration is evacuated about 125,000 civilians from Afghanistan. Only 6,000 of them, Lloyd Austin told us, are Americans. The rest are Afghans. And of those, very few of the Afghans were translators or aides or contractors. The allies we're hearing so much about, who fought with the U.S. military and who deserve our support and may deserve our support. Of that group, there are only a few thousand. You can be sure of this from a lot of different signs, but here's one sign: the health department in Alexandria, Virginia, a very liberal town, taking thousands of refugees. The health department there just put up this urgent request, "Alexandria Health Department is looking for Pashto/Dari speakers to assist with translation support for recent arrivals."


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