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Tucker Carlson: American weakness has been exposed, a problem that will become a threat

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host warns the moment the US government stops serving citizens is the moment it becomes illegitimate

No one seems to remember this, but it was just a few months ago that Joe Biden gave the so-called "intel community" a vital new mission. They had, he said, until the end of August to find out where the coronavirus came from. Did it emerge from a pangolin in a wet market? Or did the Chinese military create the virus in a bioweapons lab in Wuhan? Joe Biden assured us he was going to get to the bottom of that. He had the canniest sleuths in the world working on the mystery. They’ll figure it out, he said. You can trust them.

So here we are at the end of August. What’s the answer? Where did COVID come from? So far, no one has told us. We’re starting to suspect that no one ever will. It’s not like the media are planning to push the issue. Putin’s not from China. They don’t care. The coronavirus investigation? What coronavirus investigation? Like Joe Biden himself, they have no memory of anything that happened three months ago. Come to think of it, maybe that was the whole point of the exercise: Announce a fake inquiry into something you have absolutely no interest in learning more about, and then bet on the fact everyone will forget it exists. Pretty tricky. Maybe that’s the real purpose of the intelligence agencies actually — not to gather intelligence, but to provide political cover to the politicians who control them: "That’s a good question, Wolf. I’ll have the CIA look into it, and get back to you." Right. Just stay on the line. This call may be monitored for quality assurance.


Sounds cynical, we know. But it is striking, when you think about it, just how often politicians invoke the "intelligence community" when they’re lying to you. Joe Biden did it just last month.

REPORTER: Your own intelligence community has assessed that the Afghan government will likely collapse.

JOE BIDEN: That is not true.

REPORTER: Can you please clarify what they have told you about whether that will happen or not?

JOE BIDEN: That is not true. They did not — they didn’t — did not reach that conclusion.

The intel agencies never said the Taliban would sweep into Kabul. That’s what Biden claimed. Do you believe him? Probably not. The intel world may be partisan and deceitful--it certainly is--but we’re betting they’re not completely stupid. Obviously, they knew the Afghan government could collapse. They must........

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