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Greg Gutfeld: When liberals work, they destroy things

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'Gutfeld!' panel discusses Biden's sinking poll numbers

So here’s something fun. Donald Trump is officially more popular than Joe Biden.

It’s true - according to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, Trump rose to 48 percent, Biden dropped to 46. How is Biden even at 46?

In a normal world, he’d be at 2% - just ahead of "losing your home in a tornado." Yep – there are a lot of things more popular than Joe Biden. Tinnitus. Painful rectal itch. Kamala Harris. But I repeat myself

It’s true. Harris is doing better than Joe in nationwide polling. Which is easy to explain. She's doing nothing. He's doing something.

And research shows the less a liberal actually works, the more popular they are. It's cuz when they do work, they destroy things.

They’re like a bull in a china shop – one that Joe and Hunter are probably silent partners in. Except they're more like rats in a sinking ship. Or maybe snakes in the grass.

Which brings us to Joe. Remember how beloved he was when he was chained to a radiator in a basement, watching reruns of Matlock, drinking a juice box and waiting for the transfusion. Those were the days. When Joe only came outside just once, to predict six more weeks of winter.

But then he won and had to get to work. Since then, it’s been a groundhog day of policy failures, gaffes, and catastrophes. So they loaded Joe up with Prevagen and relief factor and pointed him to the White House. Where after 8 attempts, he found the entrance, and got to work. And boy was that a bad idea.

Have you checked America 2021 under Joe? It's now a strangely hobbled, chaotic mess. In short, Biden remade the country in the image of himself. It’s........

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