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Greg Gutfeld: What's really missing from the Left is compassion

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'Gutfeld!' panel discusses the issues that face the Golden State

So, guess what it’s time for: Everything is Racist!

So tonight, a tale of two coasts, and two elections.

As you know, there’s a recall going on in California. Except this recall isn’t for defective airbags. It’s for a defective windbag, namely, his royal haircut, Gavin Newsom. And it appears the person who has the biggest chance of winning is Larry Elder. Who is black.

But what’s the LA Times claiming is causing the recall? Racism. So - do I have this right? A privileged white male governor, who’s as ethnic as cauliflower pizza crust - is being recalled and his possible replacement is a Black man. Yeah, that sounds about as racist as an episode of "What’s Happening!"

Here’s a tip for the Times - it might be faster if you just published a list of things that aren't racist.

So the reason for the recall isn’t rampant crime, untreated mental illness, or homelessness, or even the Kardashians. It’s not that Californians can’t get water, or go outside. It’s not high taxes or legalized larceny. Its racism.

Yes, they claim that its white supremacy that’s led to the recall in California, one of the most liberal states in the nation. Next, they’ll blame all these forest fires on burning crosses.

See their logic is that it’s the racists who are painting California as a hotbed of crime and homelessness. And those things actually........

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