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Greg Gutfeld: Our challenge isn't simply COVID, but overcoming those who politicize it to divide US

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Fox News host says we are seeing a division between the powerful and powerless when it comes to COVID protocol

In times of unease and confusion, it helps to have a leader come out and do something bold -- to tell us life is okay, and we can return to normal. It's like what your dad used to do after exiting the bathroom with a can of Lysol. Everything was now under control.

Well, the greatest man in the history of the world is back. Yes, our former 44th president has given the middle finger to the CDC by inviting over 500 people to his 60th birthday party at his 12 million dollar Martha's Vineyard mansion.

It’s the beach house bash that shows America that there’s no reason to be worried about covid or rising sea levels. Yep -- climate change and corona are officially dead, according to this news. Although I think my invite got lost in the mail or mixed up with all those love letters from Megan Fox.

Apparently, the guests will be wined and dined by over 200 staffers. 200. Boy, I bet border patrol in Texas is green with envy. Yep, I wonder how the wall of security at this party would take to a bunch of partygoers just showing up, demanding to be let in. And I wonder if you bring a kid, you'll be let in free, just like our border!

Pearl Jam was supposed to play. But now they deny it. They really are a thinking man's ABBA. All guests will have to be tested and vaxed, and there will be a COVID coordinator to make sure people follow precautions. I guess that's how Fauci got his invite.

Now, this news comes amid an increase in the delta variant and the ensuing media panic. A panic, however, that doesn't........

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