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Greg Gutfeld: No one takes CNN seriously, not even themselves

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'Gutfeld!' panel reacts to CNN's Brian Stelter's explanation of Chris Cuomo's lack of coverage of his brother

It's time once again for...The Cuomo brothers!

Yes! It's the bro with a show and the bro who won't go. The obnoxious anchor, and the political canker. The arrogant host and the governor who's toast. The commentator who's lost appeal, and the creep who'll cop a feel. The chucklehead who blows hot gas, and the fiend who likes to grab an ass.

So as Governor Cuomo drowns in denial, how can CNN manage a smile?

Well, they're handling his brother - the crisis intervention specialist - with kid brother gloves. They sent out that mound of flesh, Captain Pop-n-Fresh, to attempt a cleanup. I wonder - does Chris Cuomo have a lot to say!


Brian Stelter, CNN, Sunday: Chris Cuomo has a lot to say, but right no he cannot say. CNN management has made 2 things clear to him. One - that he can't talk about his brother Andrew Cuomo on TV and two that he cannot participate in any more strategy sessions with the governor's aides.

Well, that's convenient. Imagine if CNN used that on everyone. Yeah, he did something totally inexcusable, but we told him to stop. Wait they did use it -- with Jeffrey Toobin! So I guess it works.

But think about it - a news anchor helping an embattled governor to craft responses for an alleged news outlet like CNN. We always knew Dems and the mainstream media were in bed together, but we didn't know it was incest!

And CNN's response? "Don't do that anymore. And also, don't talk to anyone either!!" Two things I was once told at an orgy by Tom Shillue.

And come on - remember that horrible kissing montage? Talk about a super spreader.........

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