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Greg Gutfeld: Media pit vaccinated and unvaccinated against each other to distract America from real problems

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'Gutfeld!' panel discusses jokes given a second chance in Friday's edition of 'Greg's Leftovers'

So, something's weird going on. This vaxxed vs. The unvaxxed narrative. As if they are jousting in the park like a low-rent version of Medieval Times. Like it’s something you can bet on with your bookie. Is it real?

I mean, we’re Americans, with families, and within families there are disagreements from sports to politics to health. To even easier choices like "should we put mom in assisted living or on a blowup mattress in the garage."

In your family, there might be someone who smokes. Or worse, doesn’t smoke. Or, they might have voted for Bernie Sanders. Maybe they get coffee enemas because Gwyneth Paltrow said so. (A shout out to Steve Doocy.)

We all laugh at this, but we're respectful. Yet there’s an us vs. them narrative, being pushed by the White House, and the media. And they sound identical.

It’s like when someone shows up at a party dressed exactly like another guest and everybody asks "hey did you two call each other?" It’s exactly what we should be asking Jen Psaki and Don Lemon.

Here's Joe:

Biden 7/6: millions of Americans are still unvaccinated // and because of that their communities are at risk // Biden: 9/9: many of us are frustrated w the 80 million Americans still not vaccinated // Biden: 9/9: we have the tools to combat covid-19, and a distinct minority of Americans…are keeping us from turning the corner // Biden (9/9/21): what more is there to wait for what more do you need to see // Biden: (9/9/21) we have been patient but our patience is wearing thin

This from a guy who has been wrong on everything. And here's the media:

Joy Reid, September 15: We begin The Reidout with a message—OK, we get it! COVID is the precious and you love it. You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools,........

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