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Greg Gutfeld: China's revenge has only just begun

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'Gutfeld!' panelists react to Biden's handling of China's escalating tensions following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and reflect back on former President Trump's diplomacy.

So China's president is pissed off and not because LeBron James is a lousy kisser.

Because Nancy Pelosi, the spork with eyebrows, took a girls’ shopping trip to Taiwan, China sent scores of planes to the Taiwan Strait -- never met him -- and fired live missiles near the self-ruled island. To be fair, they warned her, but she said she didn't hear them because she forgot to charge the batteries in her miracle ear.

The US military brass responded immediately, mobilizing troops for an emergency pronouns workshop.


So China fired a load of missiles in waters off Taiwan, activated 100 planes, including fighter jets and bombers, plus ten warships. But man, don't they know how bad all that is for the environment?

How's the media handling this? Well, imagine a country issuing a warning, telling you that what you're about to do crosses the line, and yet you do it anyway. You know, it's like when my wife tells me to stop leaving my shoes and socks on the floor in Larry Kudlow's pool house. I'm tired of the lies.

China says don't go to Taiwan, but hey, screw you China, we're coming over just for **** and giggles, which are the Secret Service nicknames for Biden and Harris. Disgusting. And so, like a divorce lawyer, you drive up tensions between adversaries while also driving one enemy, China, into the arms of another, Russia. Warships, planes, missiles, all that's missing is this [Godzilla clip].

That was actually Nancy Pelosi doing some window shopping in Taipei. Poor Taiwan, threatened by Chinese battleships and old battle-axes. Still, you got to wonder what Nancy's husband is doing right now.

But the revenge has only just begun.........

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