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Don Brown: In the War on Terror, never forget the fallen despite Joe Biden, our incompetent commander in chief

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Jennifer Griffin, Fox News national security correspondent, discusses the last 24 hours of the War in Afghanistan on 'Your World'

President Joe Biden's public bungling of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan represents the most profound embarrassment in the history of the United States.

Dozens of poor Afghans clinging desperately to the underbelly of an American C-17 taxiing for takeoff from Kabul International Airport, with some falling to their deaths, and one crushed in the aircraft wheel assembly, epitomizes all that is wrong with Joe Biden and his buffoonish withdrawal from Afghanistan.

While most Americans agree that U.S. ground troops should be withdrawn after 20 years, no one envisioned the execution of that withdrawal in such a cataclysmic, disastrous manner which cast unspeakable humiliation upon the United States.

It didn't have to happen this way.


Biden could have taken a common-sensical approach. One doesn’t need an advanced degree in Strategic Studies from the Naval War College to know that you never telegraph withdrawal deadlines to enemy forces.

Rather than announcing his August 31st deadline, come hell or high water, Biden could have (and should have) first quietly gotten all excess American military equipment and weaponry out of the........

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