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31 Things We Learned from the ‘Ready of Not’ Commentary

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One of 2019’s best films isn’t one you’re hearing about through awards season, but that doesn’t make Ready or Not any less brilliant. It’s as perfect a blend of comedy and genre thrills that we’ve seen in years, and Samara Weaving absolutely slays in the lead as a woman who marries into a highly entertaining nightmare. The movie is on Blu-ray and worth a blind buy for fans of fun, and among the special features is a commentary track well worth listening to.

So I did. Keep reading to see what I heard on the commentary track for…

Commentators: Radio Silence (filmmakers), Samara Weaving (actor)

1. Chad Villella has had the Fox Searchlight fanfare as his cell phone ringtone for six years, but it’s a rendition done on a flute and annoys everyone else around him.

2. They submitted nearly two hundred fictional board game names, but only eight or so were cleared by the legal department.

3. Weaving was nervous filming her introductory scene here due as much to having to smoke a cigarette for the first time in years as to the nature of the shot. “It was gross,” she adds as it was an herbal one.

4. The house in Ontario they used for the Le Domas Estate is the same one used in Billy Madison (1995).

5. “Look I’m in a horror!” says Weaving doing a fantastic imitation of Andie MacDowell who was apparently thrilled to be making a genre film.

6. The bedroom is part of the Casa Loma preservation meaning not only were they not allowed to light any candles but they also couldn’t touch half of the furniture/decorations.

7. They all praise assistant director Joanna Moore, but for some reason she’s not credited on the film’s IMDB page. Her hand even........

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