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11 infuriating Apple glitches, and the best ways to cope with them

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“It just works,” has long been Apple’s mantra. The original Mac operating system rescued non-techies from the inscrutable command line of DOS with a bright, cheery, point-and-click interface. The iPhone replaced the wonky experience of scratching on a mushy screen with a stylus with a tap-and-go experience that toddlers quickly master.

But even though Apple often delivers, the promise of “It just works” makes a bunch of longstanding bugs and poor design choices–in software and hardware, on iOS devices and Macs–all the more frustrating. They range from stuck laptop keys to fraying power cables to app icons that won’t go where you want them to in iOS.

Here are 11 particularly aggravating glitches–as picked by my Fast Company colleagues and me–with the best workarounds. Got Apple frustrations of your own? Hit me up at seanjcaptain@gmail.com or @seancaptain on Twitter.

AirDrop is a handy way to transfer files between iPhones, iPads, and Macs–eventually. Say you’re in the iPhone Photos app and click the Share button. Icons for destinations such as Twitter, Mail, and Messages appear instantly in the menu. But for a long time–I’ve clocked 12 seconds, and sometimes way longer–you see a blank space in the AirDrop section, even when your laptop is inches away. Sometimes the Apple devices of random nearby strangers even appear before yours.

Coping mechanism. Be patient? (And be careful not to click on someone else’s device.) Or transfer through a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

In 2015, in its never-ending quest to make its devices thinner, Apple introduced low-profile, “butterfly” keyboards that promised speed and a better tactile feel. Many people aren’t thrilled with their less-than-full-travel feel. But there’s a bigger problem: Numerous MacBook and MacBook Pro users have reported suffering from temporarily or permanently stuck keys. The top suspect is debris, such as crumbs, getting stuck under the keys, but even neatniks report problems. Apple acknowledged the........

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