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Are you a CEO obsessed with tracking your sleep? There’s a ring for that

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Last December, Jack Dorsey infamously went off the grid. For 10 days, he meditated in silence at a vipassana retreat in Myanmar, where he reported being deprived of devices and even eye contact. During that period, the Twitter and Square CEO unplugged by using his Apple Watch in airplane mode—to record the spikes in his heart rate as he meditated in a cave, at the mercy of hungry mosquitoes.

I also wore my Apple Watch and Oura ring, both in airplane mode. My best meditations always had the least variation in heart rate. When I wasn’t focused, it would jump around a lot. Here’s a night of sleep on the 10th night (my resting heart rate was consistently below 40). pic.twitter.com/9fiz8s8DR5

— jack ???????????? (@jack) December 9, 2018

Dorsey also sported an Oura ring, a wearable device that tracks sleep for those in pursuit of self-optimization. Aside from Dorsey, Oura is popular with the likes of Twitter cofounder Biz Stone and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff. Dorsey himself has become a tastemaker for the tech set—a Gwyneth Paltrow type for Silicon Valley, as Nellie Bowles wrote in the New York Times recently. “I was about to make fun of that article in a tweet,” Stone says of comparing Dorsey to Paltrow. “And then I looked down at my hand and was like, ‘Oh God, I got this ring because of Jack.'”

For the entrepreneur who embraces meditation and extreme dieting, a sleep-tracking ring seems a fitting accessory. “We’re lucky to have [users] like Jack,” says Oura CEO Harpreet Rai. “But we’re also lucky that it’s not just Jack telling people—the majority of Oura users tell other people about it because they start to measure and see the impact. They learn the relationship between some of the decisions they make and their lifestyle habits, and how it’s affecting their sleep and their overall health and productivity.”

Oura has zeroed in on sleep, which Rai believes sets it apart from other smart rings, such as the Motiv, which focuses more on tracking activity. The Oura ring is lined with sensors that measure heart rate and body temperature. (Pricing starts at $299, with a diamond-encrusted option for those looking to upgrade their wedding band.) Every morning, the Oura app gives you a “readiness score,” informed by your resting heart rate, physical activity, and quality of sleep the night before.

[Photo: courtesy of Oura]The Oura is, of course, selling more than just restful sleep. On its website, the Oura ring is marketed as a “secret weapon for personal improvement.” You, too, can achieve peak performance if you place an order. “The earlier you order, the sooner you’ll start working on better days,” the copy reads. And Dorsey’s endorsement lends credence to the notion that this is a lifestyle choice........

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