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The one habit you need to have more good days

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You know when you have a really good day—when you’re killing it at work or school, and you feel like your most grounded and authentic self? When you feel strong and in control?

It’s probably because your keystone habit came out to play.

Keystone habits are small wins that make the rest of your day—and life—a little easier. It’s a small action that sets you up for a chain of other actions that make you feel good.

For example: Maybe it’s a morning yoga session that inspires you to take deep breaths when things get stressful and ease into sleep with meditation. Or, maybe it’s taking five minutes to reflect, which makes you feel more compassionate when you have a tough talk with a partner, and more hopeful when you sign up for that digital networking event that’ll be full of strangers.

As Charles Duhigg writes in The Power of Habit, finding the trigger for your feel-good pattern—this is known as a “keystone habit”—can reprogram the other routines in your life. “The habits that matter most are the ones that, when they start to shift, dislodge and remake other patterns,” he writes in the book that I’ve not only gifted to more people than any other, but that I’ve thought about at least once a week for the past six years.

A keystone habit creates what I like to call a habit domino effect: It’s something you do that sets you up for other goodness throughout the day.

These days it can be elusive, although it doesn’t have to be—not if you know where to look.

Keystone habits don’t have to be enormous and life-changing on their own. You may think a crucial habit is, say, exercising every day or meditating for 20 minutes every........

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