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7 Ideas for Sabbaticals That Will Recharge You for Success

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out, and constantly daydream about running away from it all, maybe you need more than a vacation. Maybe what you need is a sabbatical.

A sabbatical is a long-term, sustained absence from work that’s designed around a specific purpose or intention. It’s not an extended vacation but rather a refocusing of attention and effort over a period of time -- say, six months or a year.

The general purpose of a sabbatical is to provide a change of scenery that lets you rechannel your energy into a new activity: a creative endeavor, further education, volunteer work, research -- you’re only limited by your imagination and the practicalities of your work and life.

Just about everyone can benefit from a well-planned sabbatical. Even a short time away from work to devote to what you’re passionate about can help halt burnout in its tracks and leave you refreshed.

Leaving your work behind is essential to a sabbatical. The idea is to shift your focus entirely, not just take your daily job duties on the road with you. This isn’t a working vacation, but a new way of working, usually in a different place.

You need to shift the focus entirely to your sabbatical purpose. So, making sure your regular job duties are covered is crucial. One solution is to hire a temporary replacement. Alternatively, you can divide your duties among coworkers for coverage. Build in enough time for some training and supervision before you leave.

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Another issue that frequently arises in sabbatical planning is the question of going solo versus taking along your family or significant other. Sabbaticals have a way of turning into meaningful life........

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