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Your Digital Team Is Sitting On Some Game-Changing Insights. Here's How to Take Advantage of Them.

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The importance of digital to your organization’s success can’t be overstated. And yet I repeatedly encounter large brands — who should really know better — making mistakes with their digital teams.

Why does this keep happening? From a distance, it seems like digital teams aren’t always the best advocates for digital operations. Because if they were better at self-promotion, they would know they’re sitting on all kinds of valuable consumer and brand presence insights that any company would want to leverage.

Conversely, it may also be that digital is constantly sharing relevant data, but these reports are not going to the right people. Either way, your organization is at a significant disadvantage when your digital operations aren’t aligned with your broader business strategy.

Here are five immediate ways you can start to narrow the gap between digital and your other teams.

When leaders talk about silos developing in organizations, they often point to marketing and sales teams — which in bad scenarios can operate independently of one another, and in really bad scenarios will actually compete against one another. In my experience though, the single most misaligned department is often digital, which can fall under the purview of marketing, communications, or even brand divisions.

It should go without saying that keeping digital in silos — or worse yet, simply forgotten — is a huge mistake. The digital team should have direct lines of communication with all operational functions: fulfillment, talent acquisition, customer success, as well as sales and marketing. This is because the feedback the digital team collects from customers could be relevant to........

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