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Emotional Resilience Is Key. Here's How to Cultivate It.

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Resilience is your ability to bounce back quickly after a crisis, setback, failure or difficult situation. This stress can be caused by your work, finances, relationships, illness, death of a loved one or world crisis, to name a few anything that leaves you feeling out of control.

Now, you don't just wake up one day with emotional resilience. It is a skill that is mindfully acquired and practiced often so you can get good at it. Emotional resilience is not repressing and suppressing your emotions to bulldoze through life. It's effectively learning to cope with the stress that can potentially leave its residue on your physical, psychological or emotional health.

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Before we talk about the how-to, let’s look at the benefits of becoming an emotionally resilient person.

When you are emotionally resilient, you don’t have to be in control all the time, yet you naturally start to have more control over your life, decisions and situations. You don’t have to ride the emotional roller coaster multiple times a day. You can set your focus and achieve what you set out to achieve because your emotions are under control.

When you don’t feel in control, agitation and frustration are normal responses to stress. If you experience agitation and frustration often, it is a sign that you need to be more resilient. Any setback or failure steals your joy and peace, leaving you exasperated. An emotionally resilient person is proactive in foreseeing scenarios that would make him or her feel a certain way, and he or she braces himself or........

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