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10 Delicious Foods to Feed Both Body and Mind

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What you eat has a massive impact not only on your body, but on your brain. Before you eat anything, take a moment to ask: Does this fuel my body or hurt my body? Are you feeding your body food that is high in nutritional value? Eating the right foods in the right amounts will help you stay healthier, and will also fine-tune your brain cells for a life of mental agility. The right diet can help you stay focused, energetic and mentally sharp.

There are plenty of tasty but healthy alternatives at your local grocery store. You just have to know what to look for. To help get you mentally in shape, here are some pro tips on 10 brain-boosting foods that will feed your mind along with your body.

It’s OK to give in to your craving for chocolate. Just make sure you’re indulging in dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cacao. Cacao contains flavonoids, an important antioxidant, and is known to support brain health and function. Research suggests that the flavonoids in chocolate may help reverse some memory problems.

Dark chocolate can also improve the brain’s plasticity, which is crucial to many brain functions, including learning and memory. Just make sure you’re sticking with healthier dark chocolate. Most chocolate bars don’t offer the health benefits of dark chocolate, and the high levels of sugar can actually accelerate aging and inflammation.

Protein makes up 20 percent of the human body and is one of the building blocks required to function and maintain good health. This means that getting enough protein is an important part of any diet and is extremely beneficial to maintaining brain health.

Some studies have found that high-protein diets may protect the brain and reduce your risk for developing Alzheimer's later in life. While meat and fish are usually considered high in protein, other important sources include eggs, soy, milk, beans, legumes and nuts. Try to........

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