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This Is What You Should Know About AI's Impending Power

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Taking the existing AI technology to the human level of intelligence has been the holy grail of AI engineers for quite some time. Although such superintelligence would bring immense benefits to humankind, the development of AI has always had that dreadful factor to it whether by the influence of science-fiction literature, movies or the top executives of Silicon Valley and rightfully so.

It seems that we humans are not able to adequately comprehend and address the dangers of building the superintelligence, and our response or outlook to the dangers and avail of it is mixed. This is because the development of AI tech could vastly improve our lives from curing cancer and other fatal diseases to creating cheap products in abundance, but there are dangers of developing this tech too.

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If we assume that we're going to improve our technology virtually forever, we can infer that the creation of superintelligence is highly probable, and the rate at which it accelerates is understated. In a not so distant future, there will come a day when we build machines that are smarter than us. And then those superior machines will improve themselves without our involvement.

Then you have a Matrix scenario, where superior........

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